Saturday, September 3, 2011

On The Way To Argentina

Ok... first, some business about Monday. I have to be to the travel office at 10 AM... we are SO glad it's not at some crazy hour of the morning. My flight leaves at 1:50 for Georgia, so I will call some time before that. I am thinking that it will be between 12 and 12:30 Utah time when I get through security and can call. I don't know for sure, but be ready!!! I think that's like 11 AZ time, yes? Please send me a dearelder today so that I know you are planning on it... Sometimes they don't go through the same day, so if you send it today I will at least get it tomorrow, I hope. THANKS!!!!! So ya... plane leaves here at 1:50, arrives in Atlanta at 7:40, leaves there at 8:50, and we get to Buenos Aires at 8 the next morning!!! LOCO!!!! We are excited though. Pray for me to have a chance to talk about the gospel on the plane.
I had the most amazing week! It was crazy busy, but I am glad because it's easier to remain diligent when you are busy.

Big news of the week..................... ELDER HOLLAND!!!!!! Yes, that's right! Elder Holland was our devotional speaker this Tuesday and it was AMAZING! I can't even begin to tell you all the things that he said, but I want to tell you the things that I felt. I am here on a mission and it is exactly where I am supposed to be. It is an AMAZING opportunity and I cannot let one moment go to waste for it is the Lord's time. Heavenly Father loves me so much. The Brethren love and pray for us often. One thing that he said was so cool. He said that the missionaries are the second most prayed for people after President Monson. How cool is that??? His whole intro was about how every other dispensation ended in apostasy and that those prophets knew that their people would eventually fall away, but that they kept doing their work because they knew that OUR day would come. They saw us and they had hope and faith in Christ. That all things would be restored and that OUR dispensation would find success. Wow. What a responsibility we have to share the gospel. All dispensations have pointed to this one and now we can't let them down. When Elder Holland walked into the room, there was a literal difference that I could tangibly feel. So very amazing. I know that he is the Lord's chosen Apostle on the earth today.
Fernando and Edmundo both had their baptisms this week and they were AMAZING! I know that they weren't real, but it was such a good experience to plan the whole service, give a talk, and just really show love for people. The Spirit was truly strong in each of the meetings, because though the service wasn't real, the talks and musical number, and testimonies were and it was just so neat. You know me, we went all out and had programs, prelude music, cookies, the whole shabang. We even invited another district to bring their "investigators" which made it even more awesome. I will write more about that in the letter as well... so much this week!

Hermana Hill and I were chosen to go the the new missionaries meeting this week to do a teaching demonstration. We were really nervous to teach in front of 250 new missionaries, but it ended up going well. We prayed and prayed and then just went in and relied on the Spirit and it went well. The "investigator" wasn't all that open, but she started to open up and we were able to pass it off to the new missionaries in a good discussion point. Scary, but a good opportunity. Hard to teach in English, surprisingly... I think that means that the Spanish is getting better! haha. I saw Elder Lewis there!!! SO fun!
This Sunday, I was called up to give my Spanish talk in Sacrament meeting! I didn't think I would be since I was playing for our district's musical number (which was so neat, btw) and since Bro Sanchez was being released from the Branch Presidency and asked me to sing as a part of his talk. None the less, I was called up. It actually went well and I could say the things that I had planned, and even was able to get away from my notes a bit. Miracles!
This week, we had ANOTHER fire alarm! True story, promise!!! We were in a TALL lab finishing a training thing at 9:40 when it happened. Darn! We went out and didn't get to come back in till 10:20... needless to say, we didn't make the 10:15 quite time or 10:30 lights out. The culprit??? A Sister from China forgot piece of toast that had gotten stuck in the toaster! haha. Ya. Good times at the MTC.
This week, to be totally honest, I have been really nervous about leaving. Here at the MTC, it's like a form of my old life: the gospel plus school... but now I am getting ready to head out to Argentina and live in a new country when I don't totally speak the language, I don't know what to expect, I will have a new companion, etc. So yes, I have been nervous. Well, one day during personal study time, I came across one of my favorite passages in Mosiah. Chapter 27, verse 26 talks about the sons of MosiahMosiah is really nervous to let the go up the the Lamanites (I'm sure they were more scary than the people of Argentina...) Well, he prays to Heavenly Father, and the Lord says in verse 7 "Let them go up, for many shall believe on their words, and they shall have eternal life." Wow! I am going to be an instrument in God's hands to bring salvation to His children. "LET ME GO UP!!!" And then it talks about how the Lord will protect them and that just made me have so much more peace. I am here because I love the gospel and my Savior and I want all people to know of the truths that I know. I will be ok. I just have to forget myself and go to work. I have nothing to fear.

Well, there is much more to tell, but I am out of time. I am sending home letters and pictures this week, so I will write more there. Thank you all for your love and support. I am excited to talk to you all on Monday. Oh, and yes, Spanish is coming along well. Thank you for the prayers!
OH! I almost forgot, I saw Brother LeSuer and Blake in the Temple this morning. That was really cool. haha.
I know that this work is so important. I know that the Church is true and Jesus is our Savior. I know Heavenly Father loves us so much!

Hermana Shelley

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