Monday, December 26, 2011

new hair cut

I thought everybody would like to see Hermana Shelley's new look!! I like it, she's not sure how she feels yet.


We got to skype with Kailei yesterday. What fun that was!! She looks and sounds so good. She loves the Argentine people, the gospel and the food. She had a hard time thinking about some words in English, hard to think when she's only been speaking Spanish for 6 mos! Since we talked yesterday, she just sent pictures today. Enjoy.

pictures: 1 Sister Malhue and Kailei with Papa Noel
              2-6 National Park in Ushasia

Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, the meeting changed to tomorrow, so a quick email today. I don´t have much time because we were in line to send Christmas letters for an hour!  Know that I love you all! ha. 

This week was very good and we are continuing to move along. I learned this week that Ushuaia becomes a GHOST TOWN at this time of year... they have their long vacations now (it´s summer here) and seriously EVERYONE leaves for vacation and they won´t come back til the end of Feb or beginning of March. Weird. Seriously, all but 3 of our progressing investigators left. Wow. We have a ton of faith though and we know that we are going to find new investigators who are not leaving. It´s crazy that the people leave for so long, but everyone has vacation time and I guess that it´s normal... we only had about 60 people in church yesterday. Wow. 

I am loving the work and loving the people and know that this is the Lord´s work. We honestly can´t do anything without Him and I know that we will continue to be guided.

Today, we went to the national park that is LITERALLY at the end of the world. We had SO much fun! We have been wanting to go for ages, but it´s 100 pesos per person (about 25 dollars) and 200 pesos just wasn´t possible! (It´s cheaper for residents, but we are considered tourists). Well, the other day, one of the families in the branch invited us to go and since Hermano Quinteros is in the army here (super cool, huh Kadon!) he and anyone he brings gets in for free! Wow. It was a huge blessing. It was so beautiful. We hiked and took a bunch of pictures and it was super awesome. I don´t have my camera chord, but I will send pictures next week.

Quick Christmas thought:
I was reading in Luke 2 the other day and thought that we are all like someone in the story, because we all have the chance to come unto the Savior. Who are we in the story?

Mary- Quiet and contemplative, perhaps overwhelmed at all that took place?
Joseph- Strong and true, taking care to watch over the Savior?
The Inn Keeper- Busy, too worried about work, etc to make room for the Savior?
The Shepherds- leaving everything behind to go WITH HASTE to the Savior and after sharing with all they met the message of the Christ?

I hope we can all take time to remember our Savior this week and when Christmas comes and goes that we can always keep Him in our hearts. 

I have to leave the ciber. I will call the house at 9 AZ time, 1 Argentina time. I don´t want you to have to miss church. I hope that this isn´t a problem for the family... especially for unkey with bishop stuff, but i can´t imagine that any of you have meetings on Christmas morning... I hope that this works. I am leaving the ciber now. I will OFFICIALLY be calling at 9 AZ time. Forget the later time, 9.............................

I am so excited to talk with all of you. LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU SUNDAY AT 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dearest Family,

WOW!!!! THREE BAPTISMS!!!!!! Karen, Danisa, and David were all baptized last night and it was pretty much the best baptismal service that I have seen. The talk by one of the young women in the branch was amazing and we were so proud of her. There was a super strong spirit in the service and we had a TON of people there. Our branch is super amazing. Hermana Malhue and I even did the special musical number! It was fun. The best moment was when David left the water with tears streaming down his face, saying that he has never felt so happy! Wow. That was amazing. Look at the difference in him before the baptism and after. Powerful. And to see the changes in Karen and Danisa... wow, wow, wow. The three of the started the Book of Mormon from the beginning without the invitation (we had been leaving specific passages) and are half way through 1Nefi. Wow. I don´t know how to thank our Father in Heaven. 

The sad news is that Pamela didn´t get baptized. Turns out that she is living with her boyfriend. She told us 3 weeks ago that she was living alone with the kids and we have never seen a man there, so we figured it was true. She knew that we have the law of chastity, so didn´t want to say anything... she told us on Tuesday. We are working with her and praying that we can have the baptism. 

This week, we had the 9th anual "encuentro coral" in the church. Every year, the church invites many choirs to come and sing to open the Christmas season. It was pretty much amazing! The spirit was super strong when our choir sang and it was just beautiful. The place was super packed! We met 5 new investigators, 2 who have attended in the past! It was seriously amazing. We are going to go by today after Pday ends to invite them to be baptized. 

We met an amazing new family. German, Fidelia, Monica, and Mariela. They are amazing. They came to church, the choir thing, and the baptism yesterday! The thing is that practically the entire branch knows German... I can´t help but wonder why no one has invited him before... The way we found them was that Mariela was playing outside (she´s 5) and said "are you sisters??? Come to my house!" So we followed her (our appointment had even fallen through so there was time for a complete lesson with them) and we met the rest of the family. Wow. The Lord is truly merciful. 

Yesterday, we had to use a taxi to get to church on time from the Barrios in the mountains with some investigators. When it arrived, the driver said "Wow! When I saw you here, I was so happy. My family called me the other day. They were baptized in the north and said that I need the church in my life and to look of it but I didn´t know how to find members and didn´t want to just walk in!" Wow. Seriously, this is the Lord´s work. We just have to be ready to act when the miracles come. 

My Spanish is coming along every day. Please please please pray that I can understand the Subjunctive and that I can learn more vocabulary... the subjunctive is going to kill me! 

Some funny things this week:
We have our Christmas tree up! haha. Definitely blow up! haha. Love it. We had a blast blowing it up, even though we thought that we might die. hahaha. 

We were out walking the streets and all of a sudden we hear this ridiculously loud music... a truck comes around the corner with huge signs to advertise some church. I think maybe we should start teaching like that... only not. haha. 

EVERYONE compares something to Titanic in Argentina. Seriously. We will be talking about something and they will say that my skin is like Rose from Titanic. Or we will be in a lesson and the investigator will ask if I know Leonardo DiCaprio. Or a member will die her hair and everyone will tell her it´s like Rose from Titanic. Ha. Not sure why.... 

Everyone eats fruitcake here like it´s the best thing in the world. We have to eat fruit cake in every house... I need to learn to like it... soon. 

Our brownies have become famous! haha. The thing though is that every time they are a bit different...  I don´t measure anything and so you know... but seriously, I don´t know how everyone found out about the brownies but everyone asks for brownies. haha. Hermana Malhue had never made brownies and only ate them once and now she is an old pro at it! haha. We make brownies about twice a week. haha. 

I love you all so much! I know that this is the work of the Lord. I love being a missionary and seeing all of these miracles happen. Thank you all for your love and your support. It is such a blessing to have such an amazing family. When I testify of eternal families, I am just filled with love for you all even for. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. You are in my prayers. I know that God lives and loves us. I know that Jesus lives. I know that the church is true. I know that we all need to help in this work. The Savior will come again and we have a DUTY to help all of our brothers and sisters be prepared for this day to come. 

I love you all so much!

Hermana Shelley

pictures:1-David's baptism
                2-Karen and Danisa's baptism
                3-ready for Christmas


Tuesday, December 6, 2011

12-5-11 I´m starting to believe in the whole global warming thing

Dearest Family,

So to explain the subject line............... It´s HOT here at the end of the world............. no, it´s HOTT with TWO T´s. haha. But what´s super weird is that one day it´s ridiculously hot and the next, it´s stinking cold and snowing... oh Ushuaia! haha. We never know how to dress in the morning because the climate changes at least 3 times a day. hahaha. Good times. But I guess it IS summer here, so it´s all good. From what I understand we will have some heat for December and January, February will be chilly and the snow returns in March. Good times... haha. We will see what happens here at the end of the earth. I really do love it. It´s beautiful. With the heat, we have gained a load of tourists... I´ve had to try to remember my English and that has been funny... good times. 

This week was awesome! No baptisms, but Fabi and Griselda were both confirmed and received BEAUTIFUL blessings. They are amazing. They both fasted with us yesterday, payed their tithing, every night they read from the Book of Mormon, sing a hymn, and say their prayers, and tonight they invited us to their Noche do Hogar (FHE): WOW!!!!! I am just so very happy for them and the change in their lives. The SUPER SAD news........ they are leaving for Buenos Aires this Saturday... we cried when we found out, but it is for the doctors there so that Fabi can have some special procedures so we understand... the super awesome part of it? / They are moving to MY OLD AREA, CONGRESSO!! I just know with all my heart that my dearest Hermana Gonzalez will take care of them.... Hermana Dunn is going to have a transfer this week, so sadly the awesome Hna Dunn won´t be there to know them, but I know the new missionary will be great for them... Yes, Hermana Gonzalez is training AGAIN! She is just THAT awesome!

We have FOUR baptisms this week!!  We are so stinking excited. They will all be on Sunday night at 8 after a big Christmas choir presentation. 3 are grandkids of the Díaz family who are just amazing. They are all reading their scriptures together every night and praying and the two oldest are going to mutual every weekend. AWESOME. Karen, Danisa, and David. David is going to turn 8 on Sunday AND be baptized and yesterday, he told us that it was the best gift he could ask for to be baptized!!! Wow. He is super special. He´s been coming to church for a long time now and always sits in on the lessons. We remember him telling us that he has 6 years, but we found out last week that he has 7 and will complete 8 on the 11th!! It was great! Karen and Danisa are just darlings. They are so much fun and we have a ball with them. They have really changed their lives and their moms are super happy because they are really helping around the house, are better with their siblings, and everything. Super awesome! 

And the 4th baptism, you ask??  PAMELA!!!!!!!!!  Augustin´s Mom!! She finally accepted to be baptized! We had a super awesome lesson with her this week and found out that her only concern was that she could not dance if she was baptized! haha. When she realized that she can still dance, everything was great! haha. She is super duper prepared and has even asked to have a change in her work schedule so that she can come to church every week. So awesome! 

Please pray for all four of them. The last week before a baptism can be filled with trials. 

Hermana Malhue is still just as great as always. I just love working with her and the good times that we have. She is super special for me and I just love the bond that we share. We both completed FIVE MONTHS in the mission TODAY!!! I can´t believe that we have 5 months in the mission. Feels like yesterday that I entered the MTC. Wow. 

We have the best branch ever! I am so grateful for all of the members here. I love being part of the branch and seeing the strength of the church even here at the end of the earth. The members are so great to feed lunch every day and even call and check in on us every now and then. Our branch President, President Leiva is amazing and his family is equally great. His wife, Hna Emi does our laundry every week and that is the best service ever! I am so very grateful. We love working with the branch and they are really starting to participate in the work with coming to lessons with us and giving us references. 

Well, I am so glad that Mackay got off and to a good start. I hope that everything is okay with his feet! I would love to get his emails forwarded to me and once he is in the field, I will send him emails too...  I know that his time is limited to email in the MTC, but I´m going to drop him a short line this week so that he knows that I am thinking of him. Glad that you all had a good safe trip and that everything is going well. 

Well, got to go. We are going to put our Christmas tree up.... it´s definitely a blow up Christmas tree!!!!!!!! haha. How awesome is that! I will send pictures next week! 

 Lord´s work. Our mission is growing... we officially have THIRTY sisters in the mission! WOW. And Elders over 100!!!!! WOW. I am so grateful that the Elders are responding to the Prophet´s call to serve and that those Sisters who feel that it is right are making the decision. Love it! I know that the Church is true and that we have a prophet to lead and guide us. I know that Jesus Christ is the Savior and Redeemer of the world. I know that we can follow Him in all things. I know that we have a loving Heavenly Father who wants us all to return to Him. For this I am here... to help His children return to Him. It is absolutely humbling to be here in the mission at this time. 

I love you all TONS!!!!!!!!
Hermana Shelley

Friday, December 2, 2011


Dearest Family,

First, I am still in Ushuaia!!! No changes and I am SO grateful for the chance to be here and still be learning from Hermana Malhue. I just absolutely love her and am so grateful for the opportunity! She is truly wonderful and I am very grateful to be here with her. We have great goals and plans for this transfer and are really excited to have Christmas together... speaking of that, her family got a computer, so we will officially be skyping!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now, the big news of the week..............................................(drum roll, please....)......................................

TWO BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We are so very grateful that Griselda and Fabiola arrived at their baptisms. Let me tell you, we had the most powerful moment yesterday! All week, Griselda was no, no, no, no, no. She was all for the baptism of Fabi and even told us that she would love to be baptized some day but that she was worried that she wouldn´t be able to keep all of the covenants and she had some fear. We had a load of faith and kept working with her every single day. On Friday, we had an amazing lesson about taking on the name of Christ and she was so open and wonderful. She participated more than normal and really loved the idea of taking on the name of Christ. Saturday, she invited us for lunch and we had SO much fun just being together and I think that helped a ton. After lunch, we went for their baptismal interviews and she had a great experience with her interview, but still was a little worried and said she had to think some more. That night, we prepared everything... ironed the clothes, made a giant cake (super delish even if I do say so myself... I am loving that I can do things without a mix! haha...), made the program including her baptism, etc. Sunday morning came and they arrived in church and the meetings were AMAZING. The lesson in Gospel Principles was on the Gift of the Holy Ghost and Griselda participated and everything. Fabiola had a great time with the Primary children and all was well. In RS, the lesson was on tithing, and it was a super amazing lesson. Side miracle, the teacher was a less active member that we have been working with who is super amazing and has come to church 3 weeks in a row and even brought a friend this week who accepted a baptismal date! Now with this assignment, we know that she will continue active. At the end of the lesson, after the prayer, Griselda stood up and asked for a minute. She told everyone that she was grateful for their testimonies on tithing and knew that she could exercise her faith in the same way, that she finally felt ready and invited everyone to her baptism THAT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I loved loved loved that moment! All of the Sisters were super emotional and the Spirit was SO strong. It was a miracle. When we went to pick them up for the baptism, they were all ready to go. Griselda told us that she was a bit sad because her family wasn´t supporting her but that she had her answer and would continue on with it. Wow. The miracle is that right before the baptism started, her aunt ended up showing up!!!!!!!!!! So amazing! The service was awesome and practically our entire branch was packed in there, standing room only. WOW. We have an amazing branch! I know that this is the Lord´s work and I really just don´t know how to give Him enough thanks. I can´t even begin to tell you all the miracles that we see as we strive to become nothing but instruments in the hands of the Lord. 

Other miracles of the week:
-EIGHT investigators in church!
-Ten new investigators, all who accepted baptismal dates.
-One of the brothers in the branch telling me that he assumed I had a year in the mission because my Spanish was so good! (Wow, let me tell you, that was the greatest tender mercy ever)
-Augustin is super awesome and learning more every day. We made him a little book to remember his baptism with little notes and pictures and things and it turned out amazing. Pamela wasn´t home all week, but we will keep working with her. 
-Karen, our golden investigator, moved away and we were way sad, but then she MOVED BACK!!!!!!!
-Super successful district activity to find new investigators where we watched Mobsters and Mormons (haha... that was a good time). The investigators really loved it and we were able to demonstrate another side of the Church. We had a great turnout from all of the Branches. 

Wow... can´t believe that Mackay is officially Elder Shelley. I love you, man and know that you will be great!

Love you all so much. Thank you so much for all of the love and prayers. I really do feel your love and prayers and know that they help a TON. The power of prayer is amazing. I have learned that even more in the mission.

I know that God lives and that Jesus is the Living Christ. I know that this church is true. Help the missionaries! The work is impossible without the members! 


Hermana Shelley

Pictures: 1-Kailei's zone in Ushuaia
                  2 & 3-Griselda and Fabiola baptism
                  4-Eating with members in Ushuaia