Monday, May 21, 2012


Dearest Family,

Wow... First off, to Elder Shelley.

I am SO proud of you! I can´t even begin to imagine what these last few weeks have been like. I sat and cried as I read the letter that your dear President sent home because I really felt the Spirit. I know that all of this is in the Lord´s hands. Know that I pray for you every day. I hope that you get well very soon and get back out there. I know that whatever happens, it is in the Lord´s hands and that He will guide all that happens. Please take care of yourself. You have been and will continue to be an amazing missionary. I love you so much. Heavenly Father loves you dearly and He knows what is happening. I love you!!!!

Well, what a week we have had! I don´t have a ton of time... we have been having storms and we had to wait cuz the internet was down... so, take a deep breath and jump on in!!!

Marina was BAPTIZED this last Saturday and CONFIRMED on Sunday! It was so great! She is a very special little girl and very close to the Spirit. We are so happy to be completing this family and helping the less active ones return. One by one, they are all coming in to the church! These little girls have many of their family members in the church, but they were worried they would be late if they waited for everyone and so they got up extra early and took the bus to church together before the adults were ready. How cute is that!?!?!?

Speaking of super cute, the little girls told us the other day that when they play house, Milagros is "Shelley" and Marina is "Dunn." haha. We love them tons!

Cristina is doing so great! She is going through a hard divorce, but has found so much peace in the gospel. We love seeing her progress. She is reading and praying every day, and she is going to go to relief society on Tuesday. Fun!

This week, Hermana Dunn turned 9 months in the mission! Crazy!!! We had a lot of fun and even found some time to make some cinnamon rolls! Delish! I made her a little sign and we enjoyed that. 

President Gulbrandsen showed up at our district meeting this week surprisingly and had Hermana Dunn and I teach the way that we have been asking for referrals... we have changed from "who do you know that we could visit?" to "who WILL you invite to church/FHE/an activity THIS week?" We have seen tons of miracles from doing so and have been very blessed in the work! Right now, we have had confirmations for the last 4 weeks, we had 6 investigators in church, and 5 firm baptismal dates for the next 6 weeks. We have been SO very blessed for diligence and obedience! One of the assistants called us this morning and invited us to the leadership trainings this week and we are really excited for the chance to go! Usually only the trainers, district, and zone leaders go. So cool!

Hermana Dunn and I are so grateful that we are still together. President told us that we haven´t gotten sisters in a few transfers now, so that is why the Hermanas haven´t seen a lot of changes. We know that it is for a very specific purpose that we are still together and that we have much to do! We love the work and are being so blessed for obedience, diligence, sacrifice, and most importantly FOLLOWING THE SPIRIT!! We see miracles every single day and it is something absolutely amazing. 

Sorry so little time. Please know that I love you all dearly! Have a great week. Keep me updated on Elder Shelley... if you feel up to am email, Mackay, I would really LOVE hearing from you!

Keep up with the OLA!!! Reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church weekly are the KEYS! 

I love you!!

Hermana Shelley

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