Monday, August 13, 2012


Dearest Family,

What a week we have had! 

Monday, we went to drop off Hermana Dunn and send her off to Almagro. 
Tuesday, we went to a meeting for trainers. 
Wednesday and Thursday, we were in the Temple open house! 

So we did lots of traveling this week, but it was really great and we still found time to teach our investigators and get them going well. It was a really neat week, especially with being in the Temple open house. We went on Wednesday and had a really neat experience. We were assigned to work in the tent where everyone ends the tour to answer any questions, help people fill out the comment cards, and (maybe the most important) refill the cookie trays! haha. It was a really wonderful experience. Most of the people who went through were from the West mission, since the Temple is in their boundaries, but we had a good number from our mission. We really enjoyed it. I talked with many people whose very first experience with the church was that moment and it was really special. We slept there on Wednesday night and then worked til 2 on Thursday after noon. Thursday morning, a group of 60 government representatives went through and that was a really neat experience. They had a ton of questions, and they all left really impressed. There were even quite a few who invited the missionaries to visit them in their home. We are truly going to see miracles for the Temple open house. The Spirit is so strong in the Temple, you just can´t deny it. I love the Temple!!

We had quite a bit of rain this week. I am just about done with it! haha. But the great blessing is that it did not rain yesterday. About 3 months ago, I was really fed up with the rain on Sundays, because NO ONE does ANYTHING here when it rains. So, I started praying that it would not rain on Sundays, and we haven´t had rain since on Sundays... just about every Saturday it pours and it looks like we are going to have a mess on Sunday, but I keep up my faith and we haven´t had rain. The Lord is merciful and answers prayers offered in much faith. 

Our investigators are doing well. We are teaching a family of 7 and if all goes well, the 4 of baptizing age should be baptized this week. We are really happy to see their progress. Familia Dominguez is a family that was investigating the church before, but never attended, and were eventually dropped. A month ago, we ran into their daughter and she had just become good friends with a good little member, and wanted to start listening again. Through her, the family has started progressing. Awesome!

Diego and Silvana are a young married couple with a baby of 3 who are both wonderful. Silvana has received her answer and has a great testimony, but Diego doesn´t really want anything to do with the Church. Silvana won´t go alone... we are working with them. 

Malena, Cristina´s daughter is really progressing. She reads the Book of Mormon each day and prays daily, but still doesn´t want to be baptized. She is SUPER shy and that is what is mainly holding her back. 

Familia Díaz is a part member family that we have been working with. The mom is a really faithful member. They all went to the Temple open house last week and loved it. They are starting to progress a bit more now. Before, they didn´t really want anything, but they all went to church yesterday and we have an FHE tonight. It should go well!

Hermana Montecinos is doing well. She is getting more used to missionary life and seems to be happier. It has been hard for her. I try to get her to open up a bit, but she doesn´t really like to talk about it. I think that the mission norms are becoming more natural. She is a great missionary and I see a lot of progress in her every day. We had a good talk yesterday and things are going well. 

I love you all so much! I have to run... Hermana Montecinos is having computer problems, so she is going to use mine and we are going to trade off. 

I love the gospel! I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love being a missionary and seeing all the miracles that the Gospel brings. I love the Temple. I know that it is God´s house. I know that we can follow Him as we follow His prophets. 

The Temple Rededication is quickly approaching (yes Jenny, re...) and we are getting really excited. The 7th we have a special meeting with Pesident Eyring, the 8th we will all be in the cultural event, and the 9th is the rededication. WOW!

I love you all!
Hermana Shelley

Pictures are all of Kailei and Sister Montecinos at the temple

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