Thursday, December 15, 2011


Dearest Family,

WOW!!!! THREE BAPTISMS!!!!!! Karen, Danisa, and David were all baptized last night and it was pretty much the best baptismal service that I have seen. The talk by one of the young women in the branch was amazing and we were so proud of her. There was a super strong spirit in the service and we had a TON of people there. Our branch is super amazing. Hermana Malhue and I even did the special musical number! It was fun. The best moment was when David left the water with tears streaming down his face, saying that he has never felt so happy! Wow. That was amazing. Look at the difference in him before the baptism and after. Powerful. And to see the changes in Karen and Danisa... wow, wow, wow. The three of the started the Book of Mormon from the beginning without the invitation (we had been leaving specific passages) and are half way through 1Nefi. Wow. I don´t know how to thank our Father in Heaven. 

The sad news is that Pamela didn´t get baptized. Turns out that she is living with her boyfriend. She told us 3 weeks ago that she was living alone with the kids and we have never seen a man there, so we figured it was true. She knew that we have the law of chastity, so didn´t want to say anything... she told us on Tuesday. We are working with her and praying that we can have the baptism. 

This week, we had the 9th anual "encuentro coral" in the church. Every year, the church invites many choirs to come and sing to open the Christmas season. It was pretty much amazing! The spirit was super strong when our choir sang and it was just beautiful. The place was super packed! We met 5 new investigators, 2 who have attended in the past! It was seriously amazing. We are going to go by today after Pday ends to invite them to be baptized. 

We met an amazing new family. German, Fidelia, Monica, and Mariela. They are amazing. They came to church, the choir thing, and the baptism yesterday! The thing is that practically the entire branch knows German... I can´t help but wonder why no one has invited him before... The way we found them was that Mariela was playing outside (she´s 5) and said "are you sisters??? Come to my house!" So we followed her (our appointment had even fallen through so there was time for a complete lesson with them) and we met the rest of the family. Wow. The Lord is truly merciful. 

Yesterday, we had to use a taxi to get to church on time from the Barrios in the mountains with some investigators. When it arrived, the driver said "Wow! When I saw you here, I was so happy. My family called me the other day. They were baptized in the north and said that I need the church in my life and to look of it but I didn´t know how to find members and didn´t want to just walk in!" Wow. Seriously, this is the Lord´s work. We just have to be ready to act when the miracles come. 

My Spanish is coming along every day. Please please please pray that I can understand the Subjunctive and that I can learn more vocabulary... the subjunctive is going to kill me! 

Some funny things this week:
We have our Christmas tree up! haha. Definitely blow up! haha. Love it. We had a blast blowing it up, even though we thought that we might die. hahaha. 

We were out walking the streets and all of a sudden we hear this ridiculously loud music... a truck comes around the corner with huge signs to advertise some church. I think maybe we should start teaching like that... only not. haha. 

EVERYONE compares something to Titanic in Argentina. Seriously. We will be talking about something and they will say that my skin is like Rose from Titanic. Or we will be in a lesson and the investigator will ask if I know Leonardo DiCaprio. Or a member will die her hair and everyone will tell her it´s like Rose from Titanic. Ha. Not sure why.... 

Everyone eats fruitcake here like it´s the best thing in the world. We have to eat fruit cake in every house... I need to learn to like it... soon. 

Our brownies have become famous! haha. The thing though is that every time they are a bit different...  I don´t measure anything and so you know... but seriously, I don´t know how everyone found out about the brownies but everyone asks for brownies. haha. Hermana Malhue had never made brownies and only ate them once and now she is an old pro at it! haha. We make brownies about twice a week. haha. 

I love you all so much! I know that this is the work of the Lord. I love being a missionary and seeing all of these miracles happen. Thank you all for your love and your support. It is such a blessing to have such an amazing family. When I testify of eternal families, I am just filled with love for you all even for. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING. You are in my prayers. I know that God lives and loves us. I know that Jesus lives. I know that the church is true. I know that we all need to help in this work. The Savior will come again and we have a DUTY to help all of our brothers and sisters be prepared for this day to come. 

I love you all so much!

Hermana Shelley

pictures:1-David's baptism
                2-Karen and Danisa's baptism
                3-ready for Christmas


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