Monday, December 19, 2011


Well, the meeting changed to tomorrow, so a quick email today. I don´t have much time because we were in line to send Christmas letters for an hour!  Know that I love you all! ha. 

This week was very good and we are continuing to move along. I learned this week that Ushuaia becomes a GHOST TOWN at this time of year... they have their long vacations now (it´s summer here) and seriously EVERYONE leaves for vacation and they won´t come back til the end of Feb or beginning of March. Weird. Seriously, all but 3 of our progressing investigators left. Wow. We have a ton of faith though and we know that we are going to find new investigators who are not leaving. It´s crazy that the people leave for so long, but everyone has vacation time and I guess that it´s normal... we only had about 60 people in church yesterday. Wow. 

I am loving the work and loving the people and know that this is the Lord´s work. We honestly can´t do anything without Him and I know that we will continue to be guided.

Today, we went to the national park that is LITERALLY at the end of the world. We had SO much fun! We have been wanting to go for ages, but it´s 100 pesos per person (about 25 dollars) and 200 pesos just wasn´t possible! (It´s cheaper for residents, but we are considered tourists). Well, the other day, one of the families in the branch invited us to go and since Hermano Quinteros is in the army here (super cool, huh Kadon!) he and anyone he brings gets in for free! Wow. It was a huge blessing. It was so beautiful. We hiked and took a bunch of pictures and it was super awesome. I don´t have my camera chord, but I will send pictures next week.

Quick Christmas thought:
I was reading in Luke 2 the other day and thought that we are all like someone in the story, because we all have the chance to come unto the Savior. Who are we in the story?

Mary- Quiet and contemplative, perhaps overwhelmed at all that took place?
Joseph- Strong and true, taking care to watch over the Savior?
The Inn Keeper- Busy, too worried about work, etc to make room for the Savior?
The Shepherds- leaving everything behind to go WITH HASTE to the Savior and after sharing with all they met the message of the Christ?

I hope we can all take time to remember our Savior this week and when Christmas comes and goes that we can always keep Him in our hearts. 

I have to leave the ciber. I will call the house at 9 AZ time, 1 Argentina time. I don´t want you to have to miss church. I hope that this isn´t a problem for the family... especially for unkey with bishop stuff, but i can´t imagine that any of you have meetings on Christmas morning... I hope that this works. I am leaving the ciber now. I will OFFICIALLY be calling at 9 AZ time. Forget the later time, 9.............................

I am so excited to talk with all of you. LOVE YOU AND SEE YOU SUNDAY AT 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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