Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Dearest Family,

Yes, the dog is still alive! haha. I think that we will be okay. We went yesterday, and he seemed fine. We will pass by tonight on the way to our appointments to make sure. haha. 

This week was AMAZING!!! The biggest miracle of the week was that we had 5 investigators in church! This is the most we´ve had in a long time! It was so great and things are really starting to pick back up. We have been working really hard, people are coming back into town, and the Lord has worked His miracles like always. I know that the baptisms will start back up soon. The good thing is that the whole zone is getting back up. We went through a hard time here in Ushuaia, but we are doing well and everything is picking up! I think that it might be just in time for me to leave (this week is the last week of the transfer... no idea where these 6 weeks have gone), but I really hope not... I would love to stay here in Ushuaia, but I know that I will go where the Lord calls and that is what matters! 

Also another miracle from this Sunday was that Karen went all by herself! I am not sure why Danisa, David, and the grandparents couldn´t go, she didn´t say, but she came in by herself and told us that she knew it was so very important! I was so proud and almost cried. I love that she is truly experiencing conversion. She could have easily stayed home, but she came by herself, understanding the importance of renewing her covenants through the sacrament. Wow. I was so proud of her.

We worked like crazy this week, and we met some really great people!

Enrique is really progressing! He went to church this week and loved it! Even stayed for all 3 hours, which is not normal for the first time! He is doing great, reading, and really starting to gain a testimony. It´s super awesome! He is an older man who lives alone with his father and recently lost his mother. He lives a great life with really high standards. He is a good man.

Franco is progressing. We are SOOOO sad because he didn´t go to church yesterday, so he won´t be able to be baptized this week, but the next week. When his friend went to get us for church, the car was gone and no one was home. We couldn´t get a hold of him all day. When we went by, only the aunt was home and told us they went al campo... stinking campo! But we have an appointment tonight for a family home evening with their family, so we will help them get back to progressing.

Valeria is moving! So sad... Plus, she is living with her boyfriend. We are going to send her name to the new area so that she can take the missionary lessons there, get married and be baptized.

We met a great new investigator yesterday, Noelia. She is 14, almost 15, and we met her when we went to visit a taxi driver who told us he´s like to hear more. He wasn´t home, because he and his WIFE (married!!!) were at a funeral. But we talked to their daughter, Noelia, and she was great! She said that she can´t wait to have us come back on Tuesday and hear more! 

We are doing great and I am learning so much! I have especially enjoyed my studies this week and I know that I am where I need to be, doing what I need to be doing. I am so grateful to be a missionary.

Something cool that I studied this week was about charity. Why is it the greatest of virtues? Because seriously every other virtue comes when we have true charity! Isn´t that amazing!!!

We had interviews with President this week and they were AMAZING!!! I learned so much! We talked alot about vision and responsibility. How we have the duty to make our vision in line with the Lord´s vision. We talked about how to do that, how I am doing, and how to improve so that I can have 100% of the Lord´s vision. Super awesome interview. I felt so strongly the love of the Lord and President´s love as well. He is a really great man! We also had a mini conference after where we talked even more about vision. I have worked really hard to align my will even more with the Lord´s. I have a long way to go. I know that if I TRULY have the Lord´s vision, that we will have much more success. We are working on it together. I love working with Hermana Gonzalez. She is such an example to me and I have learned so much from her. I was so blessed to be put with her another time. Absolutely amazing.

I love you all! Thank you all for your love and prayers. Keep up the amazing scripture study! I know that you are all doing many things, but when the Lord comes first, everything else is much better. I love you all! Thanks for the letters and the support.

Love you all! Happy Valentine´s day!!!!!!

All my love, Besitos!
Hermana Shelley

pictures are all of Kailei's zone at the National Forest

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