Thursday, March 15, 2012


Wow! This week was fantastic! We are really growing and changing and becoming true servants of the Lord. I love it! We have seen so many miracles and have learned that we really can see what the Lord sees and do what He wants us to do. We were blessed with so many miracles. One of the huge ones is that we had 7 investigators in church! We are really learning to work with the members better and they are been such great help! We are striving to make this work PART of the branch. As they get involved, everything is way better. 

Ana Laura is doing great and will be baptized this coming Sunday!!!!! She is 12 and just amazing. The girls in the Young Women have done a great job fellow shipping her and I am just so happy to see how happy she is! Her mom, Ana, told us that she´s just not interested right now... she´s going through some tough times. But we know that Ana Laura will be a great example to her and really help her out. 

Other investigators:

Nacho is awesome! We had a really powerful lesson with him. It was super cool because we were trying to find him after he had come with a friend to stake conference. So, we went to this friend´s house to get Nacho´s info and..... HE WAS THERE!!! It was great! We just had lesson 1 on the spot! He was really interested and told us that he was definitely going to work towards a baptism on the 25th. He recently got divorced and said that he has been looking for God. 

Anahí is doing great! We are working on getting her mom´s permission to get her baptized but it´s a bit complicated since her mom´s in the north. But we are going to make it happen! We would love to baptize her this weekend! 

Monica is going through a hard time. Jesús is leaving her, but she told us that she knows that she can get through it with the gospel! She has a baptismal date for the 1st of April. It´s really heart wrenching sitting and listening to such hard stories. It´s amazing how much people open up to us and tell us everything. That is something that I have really noticed. As missionaries, the people really do recognize us as different and look for solutions. It´s a neat feeling. 

Viriginia is still AMAZING! We are going to have an FHE with their family and our Branch President´s family tonight and that will be awesome. The divorce to the 1st wife already happened, but Nestor doesn´t have the papers here. We are praying that they will be able to fax them from Bahía Blanca and not need the original. PRAY!!!! 

The Rojas family is also doing great! They are past investigators who we found in the (now super organized) area book and they are great! We are excited to be working with them. 

So this week was really awesome. As we have been striving to catch the Lord´s vision, we have seen these many miracles. We are so excited to be working here and to see the hand of the Lord every single day. It´s amazing! 

So my sick story isn´t even as close to Mackay´s, but I do have a quick question after... Last week, I broke out in these crazy hive things all over my stomach and back. I figured they would just go away, but after a week of itching like crazy and a couple sleepless nights, I finally told Hermana Gonzalez and she called Hermana Gulbrandsen she said to go straight to the hospital (here, ALL of the doctors are there... they have free health care, so it is all in the hospital)... I guess it sounded like something funny... I had to see a dermatologist and she told me that she had seen a few other cases like this and that it seemed seasonal. She put me on antibiotics and gave me this great cream that stops the itching. But, since I also had a sore throat and cold symptoms, she wanted to do blood work. Bleh! I also had to do some thing with my throat and when they did it they said, "Oh, so you have had your tonsils taken out!" Whaaaaaaaaat???? I said. No, I have them. But they insisted that I don´t have any tonsils... I am 99% certain that I still have tonsils... I could be wrong... did someone pull them out in the middle of the night and not tell me... not sure... haha. I think they just couldn´t see them. So anyways, I have to go back for the results today. No biggie. I just felt ridiculous going to the doctor for it... But I do want to be obedient! The good thing is that we didn´t waste much. We had to go CRAZY early... like 5:30 in the morning one day... BLEH! With it being free health care, you just have to get there super early so that you get in. It was a blessing though... we only had to pay 20 pesos since we´re foreigners... only about 5 bucks. 

I love you all! I hope you have a great spring break and enjoy Cali!!!


All my love and prayers,
Hermana Shelley

Pictures are from a pday activity

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