Monday, March 26, 2012


Dearest Family,

Wow! We experienced such a wonderful miracle yesterday that really helped us see that the field truly is white ready to harvest NOW! We felt in weekly planning that we should focus on one certain family. We weren´t sure why, because they weren´t showing many signs of progression, but we had faith in the revelation. On Sunday morning, we went to get them for church. Their aunt, Cristina, came to the door and told us that everyone had fevers and would not be going to church. Slightly bummed, but with faith, we invited her to come and she excitedly agreed. On the way, she told us that she had attended for about a year in Misiones (a province in the north) but nunca se bautiz√≥ because she was living with her pareja. He was also going to church and they wanted to get married and baptized, but he was very very sick so they never could. Sadly, he passed away 3 months ago. Cristina moved here and has been looking for the church but didn´t know where to find it. She had moved in with her sister 3 days before. She loved church and in a lesson later that day, accepted a baptismal date for this Sunday with tears in her eyes, and told us that she had been dreaming of this moment! Wow. An absolute miracle. We will have the baptism in between conference sessions. 

We are doing great here! We are doing divisions with Rio Grande!! Hermana Gonzalez went there and La Hermana Gutierrez got here and we are excited for all that we will learn during these divisions. Slightly nervous but excited. I got in a 12 passenger van today and traveled about an hour and a half to meet in the middle and do the trade off, then an hour and a half back. Good times. haha. We will stay like this until Thursday morning when we will do the same thing. Then we will have 3 days before transfer (you calculated right, Mom). I have stopped trying to guess when transfers come what will happen. I am rarely right. The way it works here is that we get a call on Sunday night around 10 and then changes are on Monday. But in the south, we generally have changes Tuesday or Wednesday. We´ll see. 

We are working a lot with the branch to get every member to bring at least one friend to conference. We share the vision with them and then ask an inspired question to know who came to their mind. Then, we commit them to invite their friend to conference and tell them that we will be calling them on Thursday and Friday to verify. We know that this will yield a lot of fruit. We have felt that this is what we need to do. Work with the members, help them get the vision, and invite them to act. Then we have to make sure to follow up. Without the three, invite, commit, and verify, the work doesn´t go forth. The same pattern that we use with our investigators is what we have to use with our members. 

I have grown so much this transfer. 2 months ago, I thought I had things down. But now things are different. I am truly humbled to find and understand the Lord´s vision. We do all we can to understand His will and then go and do. We are different missionaries. 

Got to go. We are going on a hike. Love you all! I love this gospel. I know it is true. I love this work. I love our Savior. I know that He will come again some day. For this, I am here... to prepare these wonderful people for the 2nd coming of the Savior. Enjoy General Conference this week. I have 2 invitations for you all.... PLEASE take them to heart.

1. Go with at least one question. I promise you will receive your answer.
2. Invite someone and do everything so that they go! Go to the church with them or invite them to the house. Either way. Please. We have living prophets who are going to speak to the world. It is truly our duty to invite. Those who have been warned must warn their neighbors. I want to hear of how it went!

Thank you for everything, my amazing family!!! I love you all
Hermana Shelley

Pictures: waterfall from hike last pday.

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