Monday, November 26, 2012


Dearest Family

We had a really great week! 

Thank you for all of the Thanksgiving emails! I am so grateful for each and every one of you. I love you all so much. That is something that is really different about me now is my ability to love and accept. It is really neat to feel the love of God and share that with others. I love the people of Argentina so much and I love you all so much! I am so very grateful for your support and your care. Thank you for always supporting me and helping me. My mission would not be what it is if it were not for you all. Our Thanksgiving was non existent as they do not celebrate it here, but at the end of the day, Hermana Dunn said "Would you make us an apple crisp?" haha. So we decided to have a mini Thanksgiving celebration. It was good. I did remember it all day and was extra careful to show my gratitude. Sounds like you all had a great day! 

I have a favor to ask. We are going to do a 40 fast here for missionary work. I would love if the ward could send me some of their experiences so that I can share them with the ward here. I will translate them so in English is fine. Also, if anyone else has participated in a 40 day fast for missionary work and can share an experience that they had, that would be great! 

Matìas, Marcela`s other son is doing really great! The boys in the ward are really taking care of him and he is really starting to be interested. He has the goal to be baptized this Saturday. We are so happy for him. 

Claudia is the mom of two recent converts and she is just on fire. In the 2 years that her daughters have been baptized, she hasn`t wanted a lot to do with the church, just because she didn`t have a lot of time. But she always felt that it was good and possibly true. Well, we felt to go back to working with her and she is progressing like crazy now! She loved church yesterday, is reading and praying, and already even had her baptism interview because she wanted to see if she was prepared. She will be baptized on the 9th. 

Alex is a new investigator that we are working with and is really a great guy! He is 21 and has a great desire to learn and find out the truth. He is the nephew of a family in our ward and they invited us over last night for a lesson with him and it went really well. He works on Sunday mornings, but says that he can probably get it off. He accepted a baptismal date for the 22nd. 

The primary program was yesterday and it went really well! The kids were so cute and it all came together miraculously. I was able to play the piano for them, and that was so much fun! On Saturday, it was pretty rocky, but on Sunday it was absolutely perfect and the kids did such a great job. I love them so much. The Spirit was so strong and the investigators all really felt it. 

I stayed in El Talar this week and President sent me some info about the Sisters so that I could organize myself and get ready to visit them. I think that I won`t be spending much more time around here. I am sad but it will be a good experience. 

Last week, Grandma wrote something about Baked Ziti, and I must say that it sounded SOOOO good! I forgot about Baked Ziti... that will have to go on the list of things to eat when I get home... haha. 

Sorry so short. We are headed to Tigre for Pday. President gave us permission to go to a theme park, so we are excited about that. 

LOVE YOU ALL! The gospel is true! I love this work. I love being a missionary. I love the things that I get to experience every day and all the fun that we have! I am so grateful for the chance to proclaim the truth of the gospel. I love seeing the Atonement work in the lives of others. Such a great blessing. 

Hermana Shelley

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