Monday, December 3, 2012


Dearest Family,

Hola from Villa Urquiza!!! I had the great opportunity to make a visit to two areas this week because there are two sets of missionaries here in Urquiza. It is capital and really a lot of fun. It´s not as crazy capital as Congreso, but it is good. We got to work and really had a lot of success. I arrived on Tuesday night and will be heading out tomorrow morning. That gave me two and a half days with one companionship and two and a half days with the other. It really did turn out well and I was very pleased with it. 

I started out with Hermanas Kapp and Lobos. They had the goal of finding new investigators, so we made some plans to try some things that they had never tried before and we saw miracles. We talked with the whole world on the way to citas with less actives or recent converts where we asked for references. We were really blessed to find people who were prepared to receive the gospel and they had two investigators in church! It was really great. 

I spent the second half of the week with Hermanas Vargas and Alvey! It was really fun to get to  know Hermana Alvey even better (the Houston´s niece) and we also had a lot of success with these Hermanas. We found so many new investigators and 7 of them accepted the invitation to be baptized in December! What a blessing. One of the investigators who went to church, Yolanda, was really on the fence about her decision and didn´t know what to do. She has gone to church a number of times, but was worried to make the decision. Well, the testimony meeting yesterday was really fantastic and she felt the spirit so strongly. She will be baptized this coming Sunday.  Miracles! 

Tomorrow, I am off to another visit. I was hoping to be able to stop by Talar to change out my stuff, but it will just be easier to wash my clothes and go on to the next area... SAN IGNACIO!!!! haha. I am really excited about it! I had been planning on going to Nuñez next, but I talked with President this morning and he wants to send me to San Ignacio! haha. I can´t believe it! I am really excited to get back there and see how things are going and start some new things up. I have a greater vision of the work now and I am excited to share it with the Sisters. Hermana Montecinos is still there and it will be really fun to see her! I think I forgot to mention... about 3 weeks ago, I received a 5 page letter from her! It was really special. I know that the beginning of the mission was really hard for her, but I also know that all I asked of her was to help her to become the missionary that she is. She talked about how she now understands and how grateful she is. I sat and cried as I read it. I was so very happy to see her progress. She is an amazing missionary. She always was... she just had to see it!

Quick funny story before I sign off...

We were doing street contacts the other day and I contacted a nice looking older lady. She tapped me on the shoulder, told me that everything was going to be alright and gave me 50 pesos! haha. I explained to her that I was just inviting her to church and gave her money back. She told me that there was no shame in being poor and that I should take the money. I explained to her that I was a missionary and that I was just inviting her to come and learn more. She said "ah! I thought you were asking for money!" and then walked away. haha. It was really funny. And 50 pesos isn´t a little here... it is only about $10, but here, it is quite a bit of money... to put it into perspective, I can buy all of my food for the week for about 60 pesos. Good times, good times. It would have been even better if she had come to church! haha. 

Family, I love this gospel! I love the work! I really am enjoying my travels. I am totally exhausted, but loving every minute. It is a blast being able to go all around Buenos Aires, get to know the Sisters, and serve them. This week, we had a training meeting with President about doing exchanges and it was really great. He talked all about serving and loving the missionaries and helping them to become even more, while learning and becoming ourselves. It was a really great conference. I am so humbled by the assignment to visit the sisters. I feel that it is a great responsibility and I don`t want to mess up! I love doing it and I am always looking for chances to serve. I seriously am learning way more than what I am sharing. It is really a huge blessing. The Sisters in the mission are so impressive and I am so grateful for all that they are teaching me. It is really neat to see each of the areas and serve, teach, and love our Heavenly Father´s children all over the mission. 

Jesus Christ lives. He is our Savior and Redeemer. He knows each and every one of us individually and perfectly. He knows the things that we are going through and He can help us to overcome it. He lives! I am so excited that Christmas is fast approaching. May we remember Him even more this season as we celebrate His birth, His life, His divinity, His way. 

I love you all!!!
Hermana Shelley

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