Monday, October 15, 2012


Dear Family,

Not a lot of time. We had a really fun Pday and I learned how to make Pasta Frola, an Argentine sweet that is my favorite. It wasn´t too hard to make, but it takes a LOAD of time... our dear Argentine Mother, MarĂ­a Elena taught us and we had SO much fun! Oh did we ever laugh. It reminded me a lot of baking with Mom and Grandma. Good times. 

Sounds like the trek was a lot of hard work, a lot of fun, and a wonderful experience. 

Glad that you enjoyed your break so much Kadon. I am really glad that you got so much time off. 

Can´t believe that Jenny is all big and married! So happy for her and Scott. 

Things this week were AMAZING!!! We finally had 5 progressing investigators in church, all with baptismal dates. Things are looking up. 

We found an amazing family this week, Familia Suarez. The mom is a single mother raising 4 teenagers. We actually found them knocking doors! haha. With no investigators, we have even been knocking doors! Something we don´t do too often in this mission. Well, we had gone looking for another investigator and he ended up not being home, so we decided to knock some doors. Milagros, a 12 year old came to the door and asked us when she could go to church! Wow... her two twin sisters of 14 came out, followed by the 15 year old brother. They said that they have been wanting to go to a church! Wow! We set up an appointment for when their mom got home from work and when we went back, she was SO excited. She said that she has been praying for something to keep her kids on the right path and when they told her about us, she knew that this was the answer. They went to church and LOVED it and all have baptismal dates for the 28th. So great! The Lord was truly preparing them. 

Blanca is doing wonderfully! She went to church yesterday and cried through the whole thing, she felt the Spirit so strongly. She told us that it was the most powerful experience that she has ever had and that she now knows that the Church is true. She has a baptismal date for this weekend, but we might have to put it off one more week because she started a new job as a live in maid outside of our area and will only be here on the weekends, so we will only be able to see her on Saturdays and Sundays, so we might have to wait another week because she doesn´t have all the lessons. I think that she will be ready. We are praying a lot. Satan can work really hard on a person when we don´t have daily contact with them. Pray for her. 

Hermana Hualpa is doing super great! I am so proud of her and all that she is doing. She is learning and growing every day and I know that she is constantly looking for chances to serve. What a great example she is. 

I am feeling much better. We are pretty sure that I had food poisoning... 

The box got here! Thank you so much! What happens is that it gets here and then it sits in customs until the office elders go and get it. The office car was in the shop for ages and so they didn´t go for 6 weeks... bummer. So basically it was there for a LONG time... the bad news is that the Tshirts didn´t make it. The package had been opened. I think everything else made it though. I got the skirt and 2 blouses, the stickies (SOOOO cute! Thank you so much!), the 3 musketeers, and the Peanut Butter. Of course what I really NEEDED didn´t make it, but I guess someone else needs it more. I will use some of the money to buy me a new undershirt... I just don´t know if I will be able to find what I want. I will see. My undershirts are REALLY bad, so I will just have to buy some. Thank you so much for the birthday wishes. Weird to think that I am turning 23... I don´t feel like it! haha. My birthday is this Sunday, and I have to give a talk in church! Good present. The only thing that I really want is that Blanca gets baptized! That would be the best birthday ever. I definitely have my priorities in line... we made PB&J right away... of all the stuff that could have been stolen, the peanut butter made it! haha. And Hna Hualpa is SUPER happy that the 3 Musketeers made it. Every morning on the way out she grabs us each one... I think they are almost gone... YUM! Thank you Grandma and Grandpa. I don´t need more packages, but just an fyi for if anyone is planning on sending one... if you send the small mailing envelops (I think they are called flat rate envelops...the small ones), they don´t have to go to customs. They go straight to the mission office. 

Thank you Grandma Shelley for the money! That was so kind of you to think of me. My comp and I have plans to go out for ice cream and I am going to buy an Argentine flag. One of the Sisters in the ward is also going to make me an Argentine apron! I thought of you with that. 

So things are really good. We keep working hard. We only have 2 more weeks of the transfer. I can´t believe how fast it is going. I don´t know what will happen with the transfer. I think that it all depends on how many sisters we get... We will see. I don´t know anything about the extension. If it is an option, I have decided to do it. With all the talks in conference about consecration, I felt that it really did come from the Lord and if He needs me to serve here longer, I will answer yes! If we end up learning that it is not an option, I will keep serving there. I am going to talk to President this week to see if he knows anything. 

Love you all so much. This Church is the true church! We are lead and guided by living prophets. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church. The Temple is the house of the Lord. Families can be eternal. The Book of Mormon is true! I am so grateful to all of you for all that you do and for always supporting me. I could not be here without you all. Thank you for your love, your prayers, your support, your encouragement, etc. I feel your prayers, and I need them. I love this work and I love this gospel! 

All my love,
Hermana Shelley

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